Take a pinch of Dutch, Brazilian & French vibes; Mix it with some Portuguese souls; Add some spoons of happiness & curiosity; Dip some eco-responsibility & plastic free mindset; Cover it with dedication & love; & be ready to taste thesparkleffect movement.

A little introduction

If you only know us through our website, you might not be aware of the fact that we also sell some pretty cool accessories. However, if you pass by our store you might have already been introduced with 'the sparkle effect'. Or maybe you remember our summer party? The girls from the sparkle effect were there to make the party a little bit more festive with their biodegradable glitter.

As surfers and ocean lovers we are super excited about this product. For two reasons. First: who doesn't like some magical glitter? Second: The glitters are Plant Based, Vegan and Biodegradable & Marine Friendly.

  • Plant Based: The sparkles are made from plant cellulose. This means that they are made from raw plant derived materials

  • Vegan: The sparkles are vegan friendly since they have not been tested on animals and contain no animal derivatives.

  • Biodegradable & Marine Friendly: The eco sparkles are marine friendly and biodegradable. This means that they will start to biodegrade where micro-organisms are present such as in soil, compost, waste water and ocean environment.

Where did the idea came from?

​The idea was to increase awareness about how bad plastic (glitter) is for our planet. By combining eco glitter with a pretty accessory, they could pass this message in an innovative, creative way to our culture. The sparkle effect as a brand doesn't ‘just’ refer to the cute necklaces. They represent a movement (#thesparkleffect movement) of spreading the eco-sparkle happiness, while at the same time raising environmental consciousness.

Why #thesparkleffect movement?

There is still a lack of awareness regarding to the huge damage and impact that plastic glitter has on the environment and species. Common glitter is used in a lot of products and is made from plastic sheets. The glitter becomes a subset of marine plastic litter (micro-plastic) when washed down the drain. The micro-plastics end up in the world's oceans, from the surface to the deep sea. The glitters the sparkle effect uses is made from plant cellulose which is predominantly derived from eucalyptus trees. This makes the glitters biodegradable and marine friendly.

Be part of the #sparkleffect movement

The cute biodegradable sparkles come in little glass bottles with corks and 100% cotton strings. The sparkles, just like the cotton strings, are available in a wide variety of colors. Come by the shop to get the one you like and to spread the message!

We as Brands Co Store absolutely love the Sparkle effect and the girls behind the brand. Take a look at their Instagram and website to see the pretty necklaces.

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