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A few weeks ago we received the Sharp Eye Surfboards in our store. Brands Co Store is the first shop in 'the line of Cascais' that sells the surfboards. Since it's a new surfboard range we represent, we'd like to get you more familiar with the brand (in case you weren't yet).

''Sharp Eye Surfboards pushes the boundaries of modern design with a range of surfboard models that have been built to test conventional shaping practices.''

Origin and start of Sharp Eye

The brand was officially established in 1992. Marcio Zouvi, the head shaper of Sharp Eye started the brand. Zouvi began his shaping career in the late 80's and got his inspiration from Californian influences such as Rusty, Linden and Al Merrick. Nowadays, the boards are manufactured in San Diego, CA and are shaped and finished locally.

About the brand

The mission of the brand is to make sure every surfer out there is satisfied with a high quality, premium product and service. With their specialized knowledge in performance refinement, their entire collection of surfboard models offer every surfer high quality and craftsmanship.

''Sharp Eye is focused on high performance shortboards, designed with progressive surfing in mind to allow surfers to raise the bar. ''

Some of the world's best surfers like Filipe Toledo, Kanoa Igarashi, Ian Gouveia, Silvan Lima and Tatiana Weston-Webb ride Sharp Eye (and many more!).

About the shaper

Already when he was a young kid, back in the 70s, Zouvi got introduced to shaping. He was living in Brazil and back in the days it wasn't easy to get quality materials to make surfboards.

The first board he shaped was a longboard, from which he peeled of all the glass. He used the foam and reshaped it.

So you might wonder how many boards Zouvi has already shaped. The answer is: A solid 33,000! And there is more to come! In an interview with Surfline he said ''What led me to become a shaper was the fact that I've always been very curious. New boards were very expensive for me to buy, and also I thought that shapers were really cool - they got all the chicks! Later in life I learned that was untrue.''’

Zouvi himself is a shortboard, high performance surfer and this is why he has never in his life shaped longboards. He has nothing against those types of boards, but he feels like he shouldn't shape boards he doesn't ride himself.

''The biggest lesson I learned in my shaping career? That you are always learning. Knowledge and experience counts, but being humble is the most important thing''

Come by at our shop to feel the boards for yourself or shop online here, they are waiting for you! :)

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