EDP Billabong Pro Ericeira

'' 10,000 points on the line, some of the world's best are set to take on Ribeira d'Ilhas Sept 24-29.''

Billabong EDP Pro - Back in town

When it was announced last year that EDP Billabong Pro Ericeira would be ''back in town'', everyone got excited. Ericeira, the first World Surfing Reserve in Europe and second in the world, was more than happy to welcome all the talented surfers and stoked public.

Just like last year, Ericeira is excited about having some of the best surfers in town to compete in Ribeira d'ilhas. Portugal is proud to be represented by the great Portuguese surfers Frederico Morais, Vasco Ribeira, Tomás Fernandes, Henrique Pyrrait and Pedro Henrique. Most of these surfers are living in Ericeira and therefore used to the right-handers paradise in Ribeira D'ilhas, which might give them some advantage.


Ericeira has been pretty mellow and small the past weeks, which is normal for this time of the year. However a new swell is on its way, just in time! For the interested ones, we'll give you a short forecast for the next coming days. Read it and decide for yourself what day would be the most fun to visit Ericeira ;)!

  • Tuesday: Today the first heats were on and the day started with largish, mixed swell with west and northwest components and light to moderate onshores winds from the southwest. The heights of the waves were around 4 feet but picked up by the late afternoon since the new swell arrived.

  • Wednesday: some great surf is expected! The WNW swell fills in and any residual swell will disappear. Waves will be around 6 feet with some light moderate cross-offshores from the NNW.

  • Thursday: the swell will go down a bit, but the waves will remain at a steady 4 or 5 feet. The wind is light to moderate cross-shore from the northwest.

  • Friday: the day of the arrival of the new swell from the northwest! It will pick up during the morning to 6-8 feet and persist all day. Winds are light onshores from the west early morning, but quickly becoming moderate cross-offshores from the north or NNW for the rest of the day.

So hey, that was just some general information about the QS10.000 in Ericeira in this blogpost. A little boring? Don't worry and stay tuned, cause today will visit the contest to make get an impression of the event and make a few pictures. Soon we'll give you some updates about the heats and provide you some pictures!

Wanna get the taste of it? Check out this video:

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