Board of the week #9

Since we are surfboard lovers and have a lot of different boards for all types of surfers and waves, we like to dive into one single surfboard every week. Welcome to our series called ''Board of the Week''. Every Monday we'll start the week fresh and provide you with all the details, fun facts and inside information of a chosen surfboard.

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Meet: The HT2.5


Brand: Sharp Eye Surfboards

Shaper: Marcio Zouvi

Model: HT2.5


The HT2.5 has come alive due to a request by Filipe Toledo. He asked Zouvi to make the HT2 in such a way that it would go as fast as possible. The model maintained its design towards everyday conditions, it just has an extra spark! There have been a few minor tweaks compared to the original model, the HT2.

The biggest detail is in the tail of the board. As you can see in the pictures, a small channel has been added behind the back fin. The channel creates three big enhancements: speed, bite and drive. When surfing off the back foot there will be a considerable amount of squirt and drive without sacrificing any grip. This is exactly what Filipe wanted & noticed in the r'n'd stages.

''A familiar feeling with added spice in all conditions, the HT2.5 is the peak off all round performance.''

Nice facts:

  • HT2.5 refers to Holy Toledo 2.5

  • Since the HT2.5 has been created, the board is a must have in Toledo's quiver. It has played a crucial part in his 2018 campaign.

Measures: 6'0''x 19.5 x 2 1/2 - Volume 29,3 L


> Swallow

> Thruster

> Single Concave

> Boxy Rails

Level of Surfer:

Intermediate to advanced

Types of wave:

1-5 ft.

See for yourself why the HT2.5 has that extra spark ;)

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