Board of the week #8

Since we are surfboard lovers and have a lot of different boards for all types of surfers and waves, we like to dive into one single surfboard every week. Welcome to our series called ''Board of the Week''. Every Monday we'll start the week fresh and provide you with all the details, fun facts and inside information of a chosen surfboard.

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Meet: The Double Ender


Brand: Country Surfboards

Shaper: Lipe Dylong

Model: Double Ender


Feeling a little retro? The Double Ender is a popular Australian model from the late 60's to which Country Surfboards applied a touch of modernity. This board is a good companion in all surf conditions and for all levels of surfing.

The round nose and tail make it easy for paddling, wave entry and to make smooth accurate curves. It's a fast board that at the same time is very loose in maneuvering. The smooth and precise rails, the double concave and the progressive curves make the Double Ender a great model for small and medium waves.

Although the board we highlighted here is a thruster, the Double Ender works very well with a single fin.

Nice facts:

The board is called Double Ender because the nose and tail look alike. You can't see where it ends and where it starts: ''The Double Ender'' ;).

Some special advice for you :)

Do you want to transition from bigger boards to a smaller surfboard? This is a very good option!

Measures: 6'2'' x 20 x 2 1/2 - Volume 33,2 L


> Round tail

> Thruster / Single Fin

> Single to double concave

> Smooth rails

Level of Surfer:

Beginner to advanced

Types of wave:

Small and medium waves

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