Board of the week #6

Atualizado: 15 de Out de 2019

Since we are surfboard lovers and have a lot of different boards for all types of surfers and waves, we like to dive into one single surfboard every week. Welcome to our series called ''Board of the Week''. Every Monday we'll start the week fresh and provide you with all the details, fun facts and inside information of a chosen surfboard.

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Meet: The Mali Bro


Brand: Country Surfboards

Shaper: Lipe Dylong

Model: Mali Bro


The Mali bro is a perfect board for transitioning from a longboard to a shorter one. For those who want a smaller board, but still keep some volume, this board is your best choice. The volume makes it easy to paddle out and catch waves while at the same time, the shortness and shape of the board help you to try out new moves and experience new surf feelings.

The board has a beautiful outline, with good volume and distribution. The concave bottom mix and smooth rails provides the Mali Bro with all the speed and confidence to take your surfing to the next level.

"Fun to the max'' - Lipe Dylong

Some special advice for you :)

A very good board for the summer time waves!

Measures: 7'2''x 21 ½ x 2 ¾ - Volume 49 L


> Round tail

> Concave bottom mix

> Smooth rails

Level of Surfer:

Beginner to advanced

Types of wave:

Waves of any kind

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