Board of the week #5

Atualizado: 15 de Out de 2019

Since we are surfboard lovers and have a lot of different boards for all types of surfers and waves, we like to dive into one single surfboard every week. Welcome to our series called ''Board of the Week''. Every Monday we'll start the week fresh and provide you with all the details, fun facts and inside information of a chosen surfboard.

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Meet: The DFK


Brand: Cabianca Surfboards

Shaper: Johnny Cabianca

Model: DFK (Da Freak Kid)

''The ultimate all-conditions powerhouse''

''The board that helped write a new chapter in surfing history''


The DFK was designed in 2009 for Gabriel Medina. Since then, this board has been his go-to surfboard for contests. Along with Gabriel evolving into the world's best surfer, the DFK evolved into a board that's tuned to excel in the best waves in the world.

The DFK generates a lot of speed and is very balanced. This makes it a perfect board ''for making progressive moves more explosive and makeable while maintaining smooth flow and momentum down the line.'' The board is a real performance board that rips in all conditions.

Nice facts:

  • Medina and the DFK already won the 2014 Fiji Pro and 2014 Pro Tahiti.

  • Cabianca told us that WSL commentators kept on calling Medina the Freak Kid in the beginning of his career. He scored two 10's in The King of the Groms 2009 Final in Hossegor. Cabianca digged the nickname and decided to name the model like that --> Check the video down below to see the historic moment (and don't miss out on the fun part: 3.30 - 4.05)

Measures: 5'11 x 19 x 2 7/16 - Volume 28,4 L


> Single concave

> Performance rocker

> Progressive narrow nose

> Thruster

Level of Surfer:

Intermediate to Advanced

Types of wave:

Waves of any kind - medium to big

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