Board of the week #10

Since we are surfboard lovers and have a lot of different boards for all types of surfers and waves, we like to dive into one single surfboard every week. Welcome to our series called ''Board of the Week''. Every Monday we'll start the week fresh and provide you with all the details, fun facts and inside information of a chosen surfboard.

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Meet: The Phantom Blot


Brand: Janga (Foamies)

Model: Phantom Blot


There we are again, although this time, with a slightly different kind of board!

We introduce you to the Janga Foamies! Janga has extended their Wetsuit Line with a wide range of softtops, and since we are the official distributors in Lisbon for Janga, we received them fresh in our store!

If you still associate foamies with beginner surfers, you're wrong! Even the best surfers in your local line up love a softtop every now and then. They are, simply, just fun!

This week's board is part of the range 'The Phantom Blot Series'. Janga describes the Phantom Blot as: ''Be a super hero in all kind of waves and conditions, based on a high performance outline, the PB will make you step

to the other level, no matter nasty shorebreaks,

big barrels, or fat summer waves!''

''Caution: Super Addictive!''

Measures: 5'6''x 21 x 2.88 - Volume 42 L


> ''Swallow''

> Thruster

> EBS Topdeck / HCP Core / HDPE Bottom

> HCP core with 3 Laminated-Wood Stringer System

> BTSB Fin Set(Black)

> Bolt thru flat top leash plug (Black)

Level of Surfer:

Everyone! Beginner to advanced.

Types of wave:

Any size from small summer waves to big nasty shorebreaks

The Foamies are in our store for rent and for sale, so come by to check them out!

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